The "Art of a Dress".

It began with 5 dress shapes. Each one I have described below in some detail that helps to understand their fits and purpose on the body.
I explored shapes that I felt would all contribute to one complete wardrobe for every occasion. I've been working on developing a philosophy that one single garment like a dress can diminish our need for so much in our wardrobes. Hence the exploration of a more sustainable and ethical wardrobe.

The Vivienne Tunik Dress 

An empire line dress in an ankle length. Elongating and simple. Darted to the body. It's feminine and different from so many womens dresses on the market at the moment. Everything is tight and stretchy or big and voluminous. I wanted to create something that accentuated a woman without showing to much. Vivienne floats over the body. 

The Lola Tunik Dress 

So many women's dresses, not enough with V necks!  I love a v neck dress.
I had to create this shape. I wanted to make a maxi dress with some volume - but just the right amount of volume, and a neckline that showed of a woman's decollatage, just enough to brighten up the face. It's a flattering dress for both these reasons!

The Selene Tunik Dress

It's Summer and Winter wrapped into one dress. It's a grown up boho dress too. Selene is at that next stage when the market is flooded with the hippie look and you need something that's effortless but with a print that's a little more grown up, and a little more dressed up. It's boho that can be worn to the office. 

The Aurelia Tunik Dress 

A cover up for the beach or a chic summer stylish dress. Either way this style is a column dress. It's elongating and straight - so it hides so much. And it's also hiding side pockets and splits. It's sleek and simple. The straps can be left to lok dramatic and long or tied up in a bow for some coverage. I wear mine with lots of layered jewellery and it makes me feel a little like I'm wearing Pucci in the 70's.

The Helena Tunik Dress 

It's silk. I had to create at least one Silk dress as every girl needs something lux in their wardrobe. It's convertible and so easy to wear as a strapless, as it's elasticated in all the right spots. The silk is actually stretch too so it's built on effortless comfort. However it's definitely glam. It makes you feel fab and the deep emerald green print adds a bit of mystery. This is the Tunik after 5 dress.
At Tunik we are based on giving women the dresses that they not only want but need. I know that we have spent a lifetime building opinions on what we need for our bodies and our occasions. 

Get involved.... join us in dress conversations...

I would love for you to join in around the conversation of what you need in a dress. What you like about dresses - including our Tunik dresses - and what you would love to see in your wardrobe. Your comments won't fall on deaf ears here - please share your thoughts as a #tunikwoman and join in on the conversation!
Love Tunik xx

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