TUNIK Creative Artwork.

A little introduction into some of the creative work that went into the first Tunik Collection - launched in December 2020.

This is some artwork I created for our thank you postcard sent out with each order from Tunik.

This postcard really is a reflection of 2020. When lockdown in Melbourne carried on for the majority of our year I thought I may have to create Avatar models just to get the collection online as a photoshoot was continuously pushed out of sight (luckily this changed by November finally!).

To mark the year that was - I drew (and also painted part of) this illustration. It's a special piece of art from me to my customers. The model is wearing the Lola Dress in Mystic Floral print (one of my personal favourites).

2020 was a time in history we don't want to forget. We learnt about what was valuable and we had time to reflect. We also had time to be creative.

A blessing in disguise from the universe.



Definitely a blessing in disguise. Xx

Diane Maslac September 10, 2021

Gorgeous artwork. Would love to see more!

Diane February 22, 2021

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