After a career spanning two decades of designing in the Australian fashion industry across many different brands, Tunik designer Marissa Ganino decided it was time to put all of her time and energy into a personal passion project. Her own brand that offered the pieces that she so loves to create including concentrating exclusively on dresses, tops and handmade to order jewellery.

It was then that Tunik the label was born as well as her daughter Vivienne, which also became the name of the first dress that Marissa created for her collections. It has since became the dress the Tunik is most well known for and has been loved by so many women, with this style now part of their daily wardrobe.

Marissa designs and crafts Tunik dress and top patterns from the beginning herself, as well as designing all of the prints for each dress. Each style is a labour of love and very close to her heart and her hands. She then works with Melbourne artisans to bring the styles to you.

Jewellery has become a major part of the Tunik brand and reflects Marissa's experiences through travels and collections of pieces from her own archives as well as inspiration taken from her Italian heritage bringing a unique mediterranean feel to many of her jewellery designs. Each piece of Tunik jewellery is made in house to order so that Tunik maintains a high quality standard as well as avoiding any excess of production. Each piece has been lovingly made for you by the team.

At this stage all garments are Made in Melbourne, ethically and sustainably with some amazing local craftsman. As the brand progresses it will only work with ethical and sustainable factories as well as upholding as many environmentally ethical practices as possible across every part of the business. Tunik was created with this mindset right from the beginning and only makes limited edition quantities to avoid waste and excess.  

There is no fast fashion in Tunik’s plan. It’s a forever dress. It’s also a dress made locally in Melbourne, in very small quantities so you know you have something unique and special. 

Join Tunik and become a part of a brand experience that is like no other. One that will make you think about new ways that fashion can be designed and bought by you.

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