Welcome to the "Story of a Dress".

We all know that our clothes travel on many journeys. Once they join our lives, they are with us through good times, adventurous times, times of love and joy and hard times too. They are special as we live in them!

However there are few people that know the journey of a dress before it gets to it's home - before it get's to you. When I discovered it is always advisable to have a blog on your website I was overwhelmed. And I froze! Who even reads blogs anymore? What are they used for? How would I write one that was worth having in a visible and public space?

Well all I can do is share with you what I know - and what I love to create. The process that my dresses go through in order to become something ready for you to take home and introduce into your world. I can't think of anything more rewarding than creating things that you all spend your lives in. And I hope my creations make you feel fabulous during any time in your life. Whether they make you feel like you OR somebody else for the day. It's up to you. And that's the power of a dress!

So bare with me as I share the creative process of the coming season of dresses. Rather than working backwards and showing you how I got to this current launch season, I will carry on from now and hope you enjoy the journey.

For now I will leave you with the print artwork for the 9 dresses I started TUNIK with. I hope when you are wearing them you are enjoying them and they are bringing beauty to your day. Don't forget to join in, comment and ask questions. This space is for us all to share, and it's a place for me to get to know you - away from the forum of social media for a change!

Thank you for being part of Tunik's world and mine! xx




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