"Every Dress tells a Story".

The Vivienne Dress....already a dress close to my heart as it is named after my daughter (she's 2 years old). So it represents the most important girl in my world, but also she represents the future of women to me.

So when Emma Watkins and I strike up a conversation and she later blesses this dress with her creativity by wearing it and performing in front of the camera wearing it, I was speechless. She is a true woman of the arts.

Emma is also Emma Wiggle from The Wiggles, (amongst so many other artistic roles this busy lady plays) and she is a talent, she is a national treasure and she is that special twinkle in our kid's eyes when they watch her perform or hear her voice singing.

To have Emma wear my Tunik Vivienne dress and perform and express herself through body movement is a highlight for me. These photo's show her warmth and her familiar body expressions. They bring joy. What a skill to exude so much positivity.

Tunik loves women in the Arts and will endeavour to encourage this type of influence over any other type of influence now used in fashion. For all of our future women.

Love Marissa at Tunik xx


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Carson Maitland - Smith March 10, 2021

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